Testing Services

Quality and assurance should not be a barrier to realising benefits, but an Integral part of defining your enhanced customer experiences and service targets.

We provide quality assurance services that increase on the value of the business solutions implemented while reducing the delivery risk and costs.

Our 3 focal points on ensuring business solution delivery meet service targets are:

Traceability and completeness of the solution as it responds to the portfolio of functional requirements developed that define the busines solution and your service targets.

Robustness and resilience of the solution such that its reliability empowers users and delights customers increasing their buy into the enhanced business service delivery model. We apply all traditional levels of testing and measurement across breadth and depth of the solution.

Quantifying, measuring, and reporting on the cost of quality. We look to ensure the cost of quality is accounted for and planned for as part of the design process. We account for all phases of testing as part of the delivery plan, tying earned value targets to the completion of key test phases. Accordingly, we apply detailed forecasting and reporting methods to ensure test execution and quality targets track to plan.