Business Transformation Services

Knowing what you want to achieve is not enough.

Knowing what you want to achieve is not enough. It needs to be executed on efficiently and at scale.
Be clear about what you want to achieve and set targets to achieve it – this will mean changing things you do today and a develop a plan that will achieve it.


Our experienced senior delivery leaders will work with you to develop organisational, service, and operating models tailored to suit your business vision and targeted customer experiences. Setting clear targets and an efficient plan to deliver them is key. Planning and a delivery structure will be put in place that provides a structured approach with time boxed deliverable phases with clear earned value targets that take the viable business requirements through to feasible delivery and deployment across business and technology;

  • Program and Project Management
  • Business Operations Readiness and Transition Management
  • Deployment Planning
  • Organisational Change Management

Operational Readiness & Transition Services:

For the full transformative benefit and customer experience to be realised, the service must be operationally planned and tested such that it can be sustained and operated in production to the required levels of service. By changing the way your do things new targets may need to set, managed, and measured. This requires carefully planning, design, training, and communications to scale your organisation towards these targets.

We can work with your operations teams to transition into existing or target state service delivery models, to leverage your new business solutions and processes most effectively.

Change Management

Being clear about what you want to achieve also means ensuring a consistent message is communicated and the investment is reciprocated across the affected organisation. Arguably the most prevalent factor driving the success of large scale high economic impact deliveries are sponsorship and leadership.  To leverage delivery investment towards higher targets Sponsors need to be engaged in the process of regularly supporting, communicating and leading the change through the Enterprise.

We will work with your stakeholders and customers to understand how new business changes change may impact them and develop analysis and communications to ensure they receive the maximum benefit from major change initiatives. We bring change management services to bear in the following areas:

  • Sponsorship
  • Operational Ownership
  • Customer Advocacy and Championship
  • Stakeholder engagement and communications
  • Program communications
  • Change impact assessment and operations readiness
  • Customer and end user engagement and input into the delivery and design process