Independent Health Assessments & Delivery Assurance

Delivery can sometimes be a “lonely road”.

The Kardinya Partners’ approach to conducting health assessments is not the traditional industry “interview approach” followed by a Report largely doing a “playback of what clients know already”.
Organisations invest heavily in setting up Program delivery teams. We know that delivery can sometimes be a “lonely road”. We want our assurance process to support the Program teams in being successful in not just addressing delivery deficiencies but attaining the right organisations support to assure stakeholders of delivery and operational success.

We can approach health assessments in 3 possible ways:

Traditional Health Assessment Approach:

We may respond to an assessment of a Program of work that is experiencing issues with a view target key actions to undertaken by the Program team to restore delivery health and stakeholder confidence.

Delivery Assurance Approach:

Perform gated reviews tailored to assess essential metrics at progressive phases of the delivery. The approach provides stakeholders with confidence to invest in consecutive delivery phases of the Program.

Targeted Assessment Approach:

A subset of the Delivery Assurance Approach we specifically develop to be flexibly applied to a current or prior delivery phase. It may also be applied to a specific area of the deliver phase for which stakeholders require increased assurance.